Monday, July 19, 2010

Travel The World E-Book

This is the June module in the School House Planner. Once purchased, this e-book is immediately down-loadable which is the beauty of this method of obtaining curriculum. No waiting for books to arrive in the mail which at times are accompanied by large postage cost. Travel The World E-book is $7.95 and has all you need. Once you print it off and decided what works best for your family as far as method of delivery, you are ready to travel the seven continents.

I printed ours out in black ink but used coloured paper to give us variety. I then purchased 2 notebooks (1 each) which I will continue to use for the study of geography. As the formal study of geography is relatively new to us as a set subject this term, Travel the World was a fantastic place to start from. It gives an overview of exactly what 'geography' is and explores the 7 continents and surrounding oceans. It's rather an open ended curriculum and encourages you to explore specific countries that interest you. I particularly liked this aspect of Travel the World. You can take this in whatever direction you'd like.

I still have a problem managing this sort of package that includes the use of hyperlinks so regularly. I don't like to use the computer that much with the kids to 'watch' clips or play games because I find I loose the continuity of the lesson if I need to leave the table to 'see' something on the computer. I have come across this in other e-books and have tried to work my way around them as much as possible. I do the 'sit down' work in one section then do some of the computer work at the end. We loved this song Longitude & Latitude song found on one of the websites. It says you can download these songs on to your mp3 but I'll get back to that. They had a few great songs that will help learning and my kids love a song anytime! I also had fun finding Hannah on the Longitude/latitude game. Maybe it's NOT the kids that get stuck on the computer?

Also included with the E-book information are, hyperlinks, puzzles, quizzes, fun art work of a few of the continents that the kids can colour and name, copy work - both cursive & print. Of course the lapbook element is included. What would a study be without the lapbook! My girls love anything in the lapbook form. However this one hasn't gone over the top with it, so you don't need to go into a lapbook overdrive if you buy this one. I can feel some of you breathing out right now with a very large PHEW!!!

Travel the World really is a practical, user friendly curriculum that would suit all ages. We are using it for the younger crew but it has a highschool extension program in the back that adds to the versatility of the module.

I would recommend this as a stand alone unit study or like we have used it, as a jumping point for the study of geography.

Click here to check out some sample pages

Disclaimer: I received this product free to review as part of The Oldschool House Crew Review.


Dawn said...

Ok - this review is just disgustingly good. ha ha ha I LOVE THIS!!! YOU ARE AMAZING! Can you come to my house and teach us all??? (guess not since you live in Austrailia, huh?) I'm checking out your review as a fellow member of the Crew and all I can say is...WOW! YOU GO GIRL! :-)

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Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I'm spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Great job! The Notebook photos are so nice!

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Stopping by on a blog walk to say hi! Great job on the review!

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That is a neat way to do the geography. Stopping by on the crew blog walk and wanted to say Hi and welcome ya to the crew.
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