Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Force & Motion Are Around Us

We've been attending a homeschooling science class at The Patch Place on a Thursday afternoon. This great unit study has been taken from Force and Motion at edhelper.com which has a tone of great things on the site (for a fee though). It has been fantastic for the kids as they explore force and motion in action using lego, marbles and each other in a bid to nut out the principles and examine the theories.
Usually we are not computer people. If its on the web my girls aren't really that interested, however this rollercoaster designing game had us all hooked. This website has some great puzzles & brainteasers. There are loads of different puzzles and games to choose from, all requiring you to put on your thinking cap in order to achieve.

This explains the origins and idea behind the website. We have had a tone of fun on it. I think the 'we' could be me. I regularly have to call in backup in the form of my husband when I just can't get it right.

Welcome to the University of Cambridge's Brainteasers and Puzzles website.

We have created a collection of brainteasers and puzzles that we hope will give you hours of fun, stretching your thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, in the quest to reach the end. There is also one puzzle that originated from a puzzle workshop run with a group of Year 9 girls at Levenshulme High School in Manchester - can you work out which one it is!

The secret to completing these puzzles successfully depends on your ability to apply the appropriate thought processes to the various puzzles. For some puzzles you will rely on intuition - a hunch - to help you, others you will need to draw on your cognitive powers (existing knowledge), some will require logic - principles of reasoning, while others will demand you put your lateral - opposite to logic - thinking hat on, and then there are those that will require you to read and apply information.

Each and every puzzle is different, and there is an explanation for each one that will help you to get the maximum fun and value from them. So, if after two or three attempts you are getting frustrated because you seem to be going nowhere fast, you will find that all-important clue in the instructions!

The puzzles span a wide age range so we have divided them into two groups. Where there is an option for either age group, we have been advised the puzzle is suitable for the complete age range given differing levels of ability, but the text for some of the science-based ones is slightly different and aimed specifically at that age group. A small number of puzzles have one of the age selection buttons shaded out, this means that the puzzle has been developed with only one age range in mind, but that does not preclude the other age group from playing it, of course!

The puzzles also contain additional information that can be used to help extend your knowledge base and, hopefully inspire you to seek even further afield for more information.

So, thinking caps on, good luck and have fun.

Oh, and what is the difference between a brainteaser and a puzzle? That's for you to solve!

This website has been a great compliment to our science and maths studies plus best of all it's free. Have some fun with it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Missing Something Here?

Well as you know we recently attended Harley the Dog's 2nd birthday party. Ok, that is a little weird for us non-dog crazy people. Yes we have a dog Wally and he lives outside, eats & sleeps outside and is never allowed in the car, house, beds or on family vacations. He's fit and healthy, eats Aldi dog food and scraps. He has doesn't see a vet as I don't immunize my children, I'm not about to immunize the dog any further then his puppy shots. He gets bathed once a fortnight (thanks honey)and lives a happy life.

Now my girls have these dog's. Caitlin & James have toddler Harley & Ash & Matt have Missy & Vader. Matt works nights or later and comes home to the spare bed because the 2 dogs have his spot. The dogs eat million dollar dog food and are always at the vet. Caitlin was my, how do I put it delicately, my challenging child. Obedience was not her strong point. She is in obedience overdrive. "I just want a dog that is super trained, or really obedient or something like that she says." Heck you should see what Harley has to do! Clearly I missed something and all I really had to do was take my kids to the local puppy preschool and I would have all my parenting dreams fulfilled.

At the local dog park you will find a whole other world. A trip to walk your dog is actually more competitive than attending the same school as the Beckham's. Your 'parenting' skills are laid bare when your dog does not come immediately on command. Your dog must be pampered, preened and if any physiological issues are apparent your dog MUST see a therapist. No animal instincts are to be displayed in the dog park. No growling, barking, rough play with the other 'kids' will be tolerated.

I knew things were changing in the world when all the Baby Barns are now replaced with Pet Barns. We have more mega pet stores in our area than hardware's. All those warehouses have been bought out by pet stores. Is everyone just having 'animals' now. If I had to buy a pram I wouldn't know where to find a baby store. I have to drive miles for an educational store and its' tucked in the back of an industrial area.

Today while looking at some cool cupcake ideas I saw a previous post on "Puppy-cake Suckers" for dogs. I then read a little further and this is what Elisabeth said in the comments

Elizabeth said...

...and since I am perfectly normal too...these would have been great wedding treats for the dog wedding we attended a couple of summers ago for Dufus (the groom: german shepard) and Lilly (the bride: great dane). My dog, Max was the ring bearer (boston terrior)...they all dressed up in costumes. The bride & groom's owners I think just wanted an excuse to have a summer bbq. It was fun though... ;) {p.s. I'm making these for Max!}

Well I just don't know when a dog stopped being A DOG? If you will excuse me I'm going to finish the winter coats for Missy & Vader. Don't want them to catch a cold. I wonder if the snakes need a snuggly too?

Disclaimer~ Girls these opinions are my own & I do love your 'little ones'. No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

Film about Joseph Smith Now Available Online

A new film is available free online. You can watch it here or go to mormon channel to download a copy.
The film will also help people better understand Latter-day Saint belief in modern prophets, the purpose of temples, and the eternal nature of family relationships. There is also additional context around historical events such as the First Vision — when God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith when he was 14 years old.

“Our hope is that people who aren’t familiar with the story will come away with an increased understanding of the role Joseph Smith played in restoring the Church of Jesus Christ,” John Garbett, who produced the new movie, said.