Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Under Contract!

Ashleigh & Matt are finally 'under contract'. This is major exciting! The great Australia dream has been slowly slipping past many of the young ones but much to our joy they are on their way. I might add in fine style as well. This house is awesome! Plenty of room for the snakes, shingle back lizards, rats, dogs and cat.

Lucy is totally sold on her sisters new house because it has a toy room. She doesn't get that the toys will all go before Ash moves in , I think she may be up for a little disappointment. Me on the other hand are totally in love with the kitchen. Matt and Ash always niggle each other over who's turn it is to do the dishes. Problem solved and who wouldn't want to keep this kitchen clean and tidy.

For the boys, the shed out the back has a big work bench and is totally powered. Matt is a very clever boy. He makes fantastic snake enclosures and restores VW cars that he shows, so to have this great shed is perfect for him.

Downstairs is awesome as well. the man that they bought the house from was a builder so he has done a fantastic job on finishing everything off really well. The office and playroom will become a home for Matt's lovely mother. She has been a widow after loosing Matt's dad to cancer when Matt and his brother & sister were babies and she has worked hard to raise them on her own. Dedicated her whole life to her family which is amazing. Not only did we get Matt who we love but his mum is the perfect 'mother in-law'. Ash loves her to bits and is more than happy to have her with them.

Needless to say we are all bursting with excitement at the news of the last week. Ash & Matt's house, Dan's mission call to Albania & Cait & James are off on their first overseas holiday. I love having a big family, it sure is a blessing.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daniel you have been called to serve in....

The Albanian Tirana Mission!!!! Now this is followed by screams and where is Albania? Yes we are VERY excited. Poor Dan had to wait for all his sisters to arrive and his Nanna. He held it, put it down, played with the ipad, paced the floor. Finally 3 1/2 hours later, everyone arrived and he could open the letter.

Dan has been planning, praying, preparing for his Mission for many years now, so this is just such a fantastic time to be finally holding this call to serve the Lord as a Missionary in his hand. The stress of waiting was getting to him. Volcanoes holding up the mail didn't help this either.

This would be us all saying Albania. Lucy is holding the fish she caught yesterday just so that she wasn't left out of all the excitement.