Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be Brilliant at the Basic's

I finished my tile with our ward theme on it. Our Ward theme for the next few months is 'Be Brilliant at the Basic's.' The theme is taken from a talk given by Relief Society President Julie B. Beck at an Institutes of Religion Satellite Broadcast, August 4, 2009 titled Teaching the Doctrine of the Family. I have included a snippet for you. Sister Beck always hits the spot I think.

Live the Hope of Eternal Life

Next, I would have you live in your homes, in
your families, in your marriages so your
students have the hope of eternal life from
watching you. Your objective is to live the kind
of a home life that your students want to have
—have that kind of a family. They won’t get
that message from many other places. Live it
and teach it with so much clarity that what you
teach will cut through all the noise they are
hearing and pierce their hearts and touch them.
You don’t need to compete in volume; you
don’t need to compete in the number of words;
you just need to be very clear in your examples.
You are the ideal for them.

Live in your home so that you’re brilliant in the
basics, so that you’re intentional about your
roles and responsibilities in the family. You
think in terms of precision, not perfection.

(Perfection is difficult to obtain in this life, but
live your family life with precision.) If you have
your goals and you’re precise in how you go
about them in your homes, your students will
learn from you. They learn that you pray, you
study the scriptures together, you have family
home evening together, you make a priority of
mealtimes and teach your family during those
times. You are constantly teaching your families
the same things that you’re teaching your
students. You speak respectfully of your
marriage partners. Then from your example the
rising generation will gain great hope and will
understand—not just from the words you teach,
but from the way you feel and emanate the
spirit of family.


JAEAEAJ said...

Great job on the Tile! I really enjoy reading your blog. I have to let you know you help me in more ways than you know. Thanks God Bless

Kim said...

Clever- looks great