Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daniel you have been called to serve in....

The Albanian Tirana Mission!!!! Now this is followed by screams and where is Albania? Yes we are VERY excited. Poor Dan had to wait for all his sisters to arrive and his Nanna. He held it, put it down, played with the ipad, paced the floor. Finally 3 1/2 hours later, everyone arrived and he could open the letter.

Dan has been planning, praying, preparing for his Mission for many years now, so this is just such a fantastic time to be finally holding this call to serve the Lord as a Missionary in his hand. The stress of waiting was getting to him. Volcanoes holding up the mail didn't help this either.

This would be us all saying Albania. Lucy is holding the fish she caught yesterday just so that she wasn't left out of all the excitement.


Anonymous said...

I have been checking every day to see if news had arrived!! Sooo excited for you all !! Dan you really are "the man" well done. I know you will make a great missionary. The Lord really has some work for you to do, and you are going to the right place... Congratulations, a very proud Aunty and Family here in nz!!
Lucy we love your fish! was it yummy??

hugs and kisses to all!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an unexpected location! Congratulations Daniel! So when do you leave?


The Awesome Son! said...

I dont think That Future Missionary can get any cooler!!! It would certainly be an honour and a privilege to have Daniel as a Son (to bad I cant)
ai është goxha tmerrshëm!!!

Donna said...

Yes it has been hard having to raise the most awesome son in the world.

Donna said...


Nuk kuptoj. Nuk flas shqip