Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family Photo's

Our family had so much fun with this photo shoot. We decided to take the kids pets with us and now we're sure glad we did because Rosie the Guinea pig passed away on Friday. Maddie just loves the photo with her and Rosie. During the shoot we also had some very friendly chickens join us on the rug. We were at the Fulcher's place for the photo shoot because no one was game enough to be out at the botanical gardens or anything. All the kids seem to think that the Fulcher's is just like being at home. If you went there you would too. Beautiful Queenslander house on rural acreage and friendly chickens as well. Mind you, Kim has a library that anyone would be envious of. Her eye for good children's literature is amazing.

Anyway it was nice to just feel relaxed and have fun with all the family.

We decided to have a family photo shoot before Daniel leaves to serve his Mission in Albania because those boys never come back looking quite the same. Also James (son in-law) is also going to be deployed with the army. In fact tears are flowing already as there has been a change of plans and as of yesterday we are so glad that we didn't leave it any later. We figure in 2 years no one is going to be the same. Jessie will be a teenager, I could be a grandmother!

They sure do grow up all to quickly for my liking but I do love having these beautiful photos.

This is Marks funny old ute that I wouldn't even get in but when the kids where younger we always went on driving holidays around the place jammed into the hilux which was just as rugged as this one, so it was like old times all crowding into dads ute. I honestly don't know how Alana survived us on this shoot.


Kids and Canning Jars said...

Beautiful fun photos.

Stef said...

What gorgeous photos and wonderful keepsakes! Your family is just beautiful.

And those hydrangea cupcakes! I can't wait to see you make them! They do look incredible.


Anonymous said...

LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!!! Your family is so cute!

Arama and Heidi Puriri said...

LOVE the photo's. Sooo wish we lived closer right now!! BIG LOVES TO ALL.....H