Friday, October 7, 2011

Missionary Farewell

Well we are now down to 10 days and counting. I am starting to feel a little teary when I think about Dan boarding the plane Monday week for 2 years. We had his Missionary Farewell on Friday night and we had a blast. Nacho's was on the menu and I have to say that was a perfect choice for 150 people. I cooked 15kg of mince, made 175 cupcakes, made a cake like a missionary badge and wrote it in Albanian. Now that was the hardest thing I have to say. We had 20 bags of marshmallows for the bonfire and 2 jumping castles.

Thats him sitting down around the bonfire,looking at me strangely.

Everyone kept asking what they could bring so we put on the invitation to bring a packet of his favourite chocolate biscuits. he ended up with quite a stash to keep him in chocolate until he leaves and then some to pack in his suitcase and for us to send in those all important care packages. He also received Euro, US dollars and AU dollars from families in the Ward. Dan has bookmarked on my computer all the places that take care packages of donuts etc to the MTC. We watched the best documentary inside the MTC called The Army of Faith. It was filmed this year, so it's all current and now Dan can't get on the plane fast enough. All that American breakfast cereal had his mouth watering. Show this to your kids.

We have almost everything in the handbook and he is off today for his last injections. He gave the most amazing 'last talk' at church and will be set apart next Sunday as a Missionary. No now I'm getting teary again. I really will miss him. Lucy (5) has plans that he has to take her to the movies before he leaves. With only one week not sure about that.

We have always planned and prepared for this day and even when its here I somehow just don't feel ready for it. But look out Albania here he comes!

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Ferne-Clan said...

How are you holding up momma? Has your Elder left yet? You are in my thoughts daily