Thursday, March 24, 2011

Harley The Dog's Birthday

Our newly weds Cait & James have adopted a dog from animal rescue. Harley is 'visually impaired' but very cute. Yesterday he turned 2. Now I'm not a warm and fuzzy animal lover but both my older girls are. They refer to them as the 'kids' and I am grandma. Next week they are having portrait photos taken of these dogs. Ummmm, well each to their own and if that makes you happy girls I'm happy.
Well yesterday I whipped up a coat for Harley's birthday and have to say I'm not sure why they cost so much in the shop. It took less than an hour and i used old fabric. I had bought the woolly stuff during a sale a few weeks ago so this jacket would cost less then $2.

Well Caitlin was happy and James just sat there scratching his head going along with the whole birthday thing. Trying not to show Harley his presents in the bag because even though Harley had seen his new collar, he didn't know mummy had bought it. I would say she needs more medication but the dog park is full of people saying the same sort of thing???

Anyway Happy birthday Harley! We sure enjoyed having dinner at your place last night. Back to the sewing machine for me as I am making a few more for the staffies Missy & Vader.


Shanny said...

Happy Birthday Harley! He looks like a nice little doggie. Our dog recently had puppies and my sister adopted one. Your daughters remind me of her - as soon as she knew she was getting the puppy she went right out and bought all sorts of pampered pooch products. lol

Dmarie said...

too sure did Harley proud on his birthday!