Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do You Know What Grown-ups Really Do?

After a wonderful weekend away with Ashleigh, oldest daughter aged 22, I discovered that there are such things as Restaurants . Not McDonalds, but real ones that cost lots of money for a small, but very delicious meal.

Ash & I went up to stay the week-end once again at Joan & lee's unit (thanks again) which is a hop skip & a jump from Sunshine Beach. After a nice sleep in we headed to Hastings Street Noosa, to find something to eat. Aroma's is apparently the ultimate place to be seen and to check out everyone walking along Hastings street. Aroma's cafe has, as Ashleigh informed me because she has been there, Parisian style seats and round tables with the chairs facing out onto the street.

The food was amazing. Ash had Eggs Benedict & I had Potato Pancake with poached eggs and tomato relish on a bed of fresh basil. It was sooo good. The little fellow in the photo above was our dining neighbor. Noosa is rather a posh sort of place with everything horribly over priced to lure the tourist dollar out of everyone's pocket. We headed straight to the bookstores of course. Ash & Matt are about to buy a house, so we popped into some home wear and decorating stores along the way. I went into all the stores that I wouldn't go in with the little ones.

Dinner was equally as lovely. King Prawns on sourdough bread and some relishy stuff and seafood pasta for Ash. Once again sooo yummy. It rained all the time we were there but it was so lovely to spend quality time with Ash. We could talk in whole sentences without someone jumping in, and just generally hangout together doing nothing really. Need to do it more often! Ash gave us a weekend at a Resort down the Gold Coast for our anniversary so Mark & I are going to take that one very soon. We won't know what to do with all that grownup time together.

It was nice to come home though to all my little people and Ash headed back to her house with Matt sick, 2 dogs that missed their 'mummy' and a mountain of snakes waiting to go into hibernation for the winter. Thanks for a great weekend!

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Kim said...

Sounds like fun - lovely that Ash is buying a house soon.