Wednesday, June 22, 2011

She came Second!!

We were very happy to learn that Jessica came second in the Photography competition. Needless to say she was over the moon. I now have to stand aside while she takes the photos when we are out.

We head to Lomandra park for FHE on Monday night to toast marshmallows. It's been so cold for us here at the moment. I realise that in Brisbane the word cold doesn't even rate on the 'coldness' meter when we just have to wear a jumper, not even a really warm one to beat the cold. No snowing in for days on end, so I do get it that I have no business complaining about the cold. We did have fun toasting marshmallows though.

ps one or two more sleeps and the mailman will be here with a certain mission call. Now that I will keep you posted on!

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! this is AWESOME!!! Well done....They were really beautiful photo's. You go, Jess!!
xox AuntyH