Monday, February 15, 2010

First Post!!!

Well today is my first post, but is week 3 for homeschooling. It's an exciting week. Today is the big reveal of our Pharaoh Chicken. We are using The Story of the World for our history curriculum, so about 8 weeks ago Maddie began the mummification process of a chicken. This has absolutely captivated her and added a dimension to her Ancient Egyptian studies that is often missed. I put together an observation book to add an extension to this so at each 'salt' change she would write down a short narrative on her observation. Well today we will return the required organs (these were just made out of paper & placed in canopic jars) then wrap the chicken in linen bandages. While that is drying I have put together pieces of scrap craft paper for her to decorate a shoe box fitting for a Pharaoh Chicken. I will add photos tonight of this momentous occasion.

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