Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A New Day

I love new days! I can wake up and just start again every day. If we didn't get all the work done yesterday that we had planned then there is always 'tomorrow'. While I set goals, write lists of things I want to achieve for the day, week and year, I never get bogged down in that- there is always tomorrow. I like knowing that, it definitely takes the pressure off. I have learnt that the 'stuff' in life can wait but your babies grow quickly. The flower bloom is short and the bug on that leaf in the garden that your little person just found won't stay there for long. This is one of the blessing that come from homeschooling.
For me I am currently toilet training my youngest daughter and planning the wedding for one of the oldest. Talk about the diversifying rolls of motherhood. I love 'home duties' and wouldn't have it any other way. I also love the possibilities that a new day brings.

Well I am off to face that new day. Its was very hot here last night so I wanted to get a jump start on the 'today' list. The bread is cooking, the kookaburras singing and a warmth is in the air already. A New day!! Hope yours is a good one.

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