Thursday, February 25, 2010

Corn Flour Slime

Today I started the day with 3 batches of corn flour slime. I wish i could say it was for science ( it wasn't we did air pressure today) but alas it was just for fun with the science thrown in as we played. Well my husband departed for work this morning with a 'you have bitten off more then you can chew' look, but I just looked back lovingly reassuring him that it was all under control look. Well we played and played and had the most marvelous time with it, but by the time he got home there was corn flour slim from one end of the veranda to the other. It was even on the dog!!! Once again the "look' passed between us and he so lovingly asked if I would like him to carry the tables down stairs and hose them off while adding gently that perhaps next time we should 'play' down on the grass. It was great, now what shall we do tomorrow?
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Corn Flour Slime Recipe

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Fiona said...

Oh my heck!! Good to see you on line Donna!! You are homeschooling... what a legend! I look forward to keeping up with all the news now!
xxxx Rea family