Sunday, March 28, 2010

Have a New Kid By Friday!!

We've been recommend this book by a very dear friend, and I have to say I was sceptical. Having 6 children with 3 already on their way in the world, working while saving for a mission, another working, studying and travelling to Europe in September and 1 getting married in December to a Soldier. I figured I had been doing alright, however the second group of 3 born 8 years apart from the first  group are a totally different bunch. All the parenting rules had changed, I was much older and a little more happy to go with the flow. Well, I was clearly delusional. This bunch look at me with their big green, blue or brown eyes and I'm mush. As of this week no more!! My husband and I are back in the drivers seat (actually he never left it, it was me that was all gooey and soft)
Our 4 year old is, well, a little clever. Not much goes past that she doesn't catch on to very quickly. But she is, how can I put this delicately... no I'm not able to put a polite word on here to describe the wildness she inflicts on us. Oh she cute and absolutely adorable but here lies the problem for me! Then I have an almost 10 year old girl so you all know where I'm about to go with THAT!!! Needless to say BRING ON FRIDAY!!!
This book gives you a day by day break down of what YOU are going to do. It's all about you making changes that will in turn produce changes in the child. It's excellent. Day 2 or Tuesday and we can see changes happening already.
Stay tuned for FRIDAY!!! I sure know I can't wait.

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