Monday, March 1, 2010

It's still raining

This week we have lots of things planned. Tuesdays are our busiest days, as we go to piano lessons in the morning followed by Maths u See & LLAT Blue. It's our afternoon session that we love the most on Tuesday though. We get together with 2 other homeschool families for an afternoon of Art and Character studies.
Firstly Art - We use Artistic Pursuit This is the most amazing curriculum and certainly one of my favorites to do with the kids. One of the mums does the lesson theory with them then I do the practical side. You don't need any artist knowledge or talent before hand as it's all there for you. We are using K-3 book 2 which focus on famous artists and their art. You will never have another boring trip to the Art Gallery again. Its fantastic. This week we are studying Davinci. We will be carving apples, soaking them in lemon juice and salt and 'dressing' them. On a whole each activity is inexpensive and not at all stressful to get together. They help you at the start by giving you a list of items that you will need through out the year, most of which I pulled together out of the craft cupboard. One week we need instant paper mache which was a little more expensive. I just used homemade modelling clay made with corn flower. It was perfect and very cheap. I just couldn't recommend this enough if you are loking for an Art curriculum for your kids.

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