Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You'd Think I Would Get It Right By 6 !!

You would think after 6 children I would get the Tooth Fairy thing right. I started out so well with the first few kids. Little notes, fairy dust with a trail out of the window, new toothbrush's and with a little coin to make it complete. Now poor child numbered 4, 5 & 6 come in crying because the tooth fairy forgot them. Once AGAIN daddy comforts them while I race around the place saying "are you sure!" madly putting together the necessary delights left by the above visitor. When all is clear I call out "lets take a better look because maybe you just missed it" They come in and have a 'better' look and to their delight the tooth fairy did in fact deliver. (at an inflated monetary rate because that was all I could find at 5.00am)
Once again all is right with the world!! I really need to get a better grip on this stuff?

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