Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well I did it! My very first truly homemade lapbook. No download and go on this one, I had to put something together all by myself. I used a a few things from a website ANZAC Day for Early Childhood . This had some great activities for the kids, both interactive online and printable. well worth the visit if you are looking for something for ANZAC day.

The first section dealt with World War 1 & Gallipoli. The second part of the Lapbook looks at now and how we also think of those who are fighting & or serving in the military now.
We will also be reading Photographs In The Mud. The book is set on the Kokado Track in 1942, Jack & Hoshi are on opposing sides in the war who meet in battle & find they have a lot in common. It is a touching book about the reality & human tragedy of war, for both the soldiers & their loved ones at home. This is a beautiful book!
The second book is What Was The War Like,Grandma by Rachael Tonkin. This is a fantastic book that goes through the day in the life of a girl in Australia during the war. It explores the hardships experienced by those at 'home'. I believe it is out of print but may be available at the library.
We will be working through the lapbook on Saturday,then off to our local Dawn Service on Sunday. Lets hope the rain holds off for the morning.

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