Thursday, April 29, 2010

LEM Phonics

This week we are off and running with our new Phonics program called LEM. This seems to be a comprehensive programme that teaches listening, speaking, writing, reading & spelling. The program is suitable for around the first 4-5 years of schooling depending on your child & uses the five senses to consolidate the learning process.
I will start at the beginning with the girls for now while introducing the sounds & next week will do the placement tests to see exactly where they are at.
Jessica has beautiful handwriting so she will be able to move on to cursive writing which she is very excited about.
Maddie will be starting from scratch with the handwriting as she is really a work in progress as far as handwriting is concerned. This program has a strong emphasis on handwriting skills which is something that I really like.
I guess like all curriculum we would love to be able to fast forward a term & see how it will work for our children.
I have included a link to their brochure and to another website Learning Made Easier that gives you a contact providing this product.

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