Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today I Am a Proud Owner of...

a new Electric Pressure Cooker. I have wanted one of these for sssooo long, you have no idea. I'm a homestorage freak as well as a homeschooling mum. As you can see from the photos these containers are 2 deep and reach right up to the sky. I love cooking from scratch with the back to basics ingredients. After 21 years of mothering and living on a teachers wage (not sure how well teacher's get paid in other countries but that is a whole other blog). I love cooking with grains, beans and lentils. I have a whisper mill to grind flour but it was just so hard to cook with dry beans etc if you forgot to soak them the day before you had to be brave enough to leave them bubble away on the stove top for hours.
I have just made Brown Lentil soup in 8 minutes plus cooling time and it is DELICIOUS!!!

Electric Pressure cookers are relatively new to Australia and I am so happy to finally have one. The adventure into the big city to collect it is also a whole other story, which even now exhausts me to think about it.

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