Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Term 2 Wk 1 Planning

Well we are back to school after a slightly extended Easter break. This term we are starting LEM Phonics. I am rather excited as about this as we found that LLATL just didn't appeal to girls. The LEM program is a little more well rounded and seems as though it will move along at a better pace for us.
Math U See is moving along wonderfully though. As Jessica has just joined us she is having a crash course in Primer and then we will decide between Alpha or Beta in a few weeks I would say. Maddie is making her way through Primer very nicely.
Story Of The World is so much fun. We cut back on history so as to pick up the pace with maths and literacy but that was probably not a good idea. You need the roundness that these subjects give you in the week. so we are back to twice a week with this one. Yesterday we learnt about the Israelite's. The girls made coats like Josephs and then then spent the afternoon running around sing " I am a miracle child" as Joseph does in the movie. Self esteem is not something my children lack!!
Artistic Pursuit book 2 is great. We love getting together with our other homeschooling friends on a Tuesday and sharing this class. We then follow this with our Book of Virtues Character Studies. This month we have been examining Compassion. These lapbooks have been fantastic. I will do a separate blog on this later in the week.
Exploring Creation with Zoology 1. We are rewinding this so Jessica can get the basic principals. Maddie doesn't mind because science is one of her favorite subjects.
We do these with the lapbooks as well so it adds another dimension to the curriculum.
This Friday we will do a mini unit study on ANZAC day. Look at the meaning, history and our own family stories of grandparents service as well as my soon to be son-in-law who is in the Australian Army. I'm still trying to put it together in a lapbook style unit study as I wasn't able to just google one ready to print out as usual. Makes you realise just how much work goes into creating one of these from scratch.
An exercise in appreciation all round I think!
Well this is how the week is planned lets see how it goes!

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