Friday, August 20, 2010

The 2010 School house Planner

I just received a free copy of the 2010 Schoolhouse Planner to check out and I have to say right off the bat this looks fantastic! I currently use an exercise book as my learning journal for the girls but find this extremely limiting. This planner on the other hand has everything you need. Not only does the Planner help organise your homeschooling life but it helps you organise that other life. You know the one we have when we are not homeschooling. I can still hear you asking which life is that and where can I get one.

I have to say I love the "Car Maintenance Schedule" & the "Car Information to Remember". HAH, all I want to remember is where I left the keys. My husband was a mechanic in a former life so maybe I should stick this up on his cupboard as he has gone a little deaf and can't hear the slight rattle in the front bush's. This is an Australian kind of deafness from driving around in his ute with the window down all the time which actually does damage your ear. I think its a conspiracy between the male ear specialist and any husband that comes through his door?

But wait there's more!!Weight-Loss Journal & TV Show Reminders. I love it!!
Now on to other important points. It includes so many hyperlinks that will help you with planning, organising and curriculum. The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner can be used as an online planner. The included forms are editable. You just fill it out on the computer and hit save, and or, you can printout the required pages which are in pdf format. With over 600 pages you certainly get a lot for your US$39.00.

I will put this together over the weekend and post the end result next week (you know when I get organised)In the mean time have a look at the sample pages.

Click here to preview 59 pages for yourself

(disclaimer: I received this product free. This post is my entry into an ad contest with The Old Schoolhouse as part of TOS Crew. The opinion I expressed is my own)

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