Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank-you Ladies

This week I received 2 blog awards which was a nice surprised after having a quick break with all the wedding happenings.

The first one was from my favorite and most life saving blog Our Busy Homeschool. Tristan runs the most amazingly normal and real life homeschooling blog. I don't know how she does so much with a large family while pregnant. She keeps it real and isn't all razzle dazzle like a find at times, because if some mums are doing all that they blog about then not much homeschooling is getting done. So Thanks Tristan.

The second was from Dana over at Noggins and Nonsense. Dana's blog is always jammed packed with amazing insight and fantastic posts on life and homeschooling. I love it!

So thank-you both, that was really great. So here is the 7 random things about myself.

1: I hate shopping, not for grocery's but everything else. Like clothes, shoes and 'stuff'.
2: I keep a box of National Geographics under my bed which I love to read at night when I hop into bed.
3: I'm still in love with my 2 Pressure Cooker's.
4: I can't dance, won't dance, and have no rhythm. When my husband and I got married that was one of the things that we had to have a solid understanding on. It was not, will not change over time. You know that phrase "Dance like no one is looking" that was written specifically for me. More as a pledge really "Do not dance regardless of whether anyone is looking or not!"
5: I love the sound of rain and I always let my children play in it no matter what the time of day.
6: I love to draw and paint. I'm not so good these days.
7: Apart from wearing ugg boots everywhere I like my flannelet pajamas. I mean I really like them!

So that's it! So thank-you again for thinking of me. So it's mid afternoon on a rainy day and the girls won't be home for another 45 minutes. Time enough for me to get into my flannelet pj's and ugg boots on and read my book!

Now to pass it on? I would give the Sunshine Award to ~

1: All Saddled Up This sweet girl has only just started blogging and she has just become a teenager last week. She just looks like sunshine.

The Journey at Our House Award has to go to:

1: My friend Melodious Sonnet. We actual have meet at the park after have meet blogging. We have ton's of girls each and both now have exactly the same calling church. I love her blog and she has been homeschooling her girls since birth (10years)so she can teach me a lot.

2: Light, Liberty, and Learning This is always a great read.

And then I would give At Home both awards because any women who is single, homeschool's four children, and is a relatively new convert to the church and is happy to share her life with us and is inspirational gets both awards.


Denise said...

Thanks, Donna. :) My daughter and I appreciate your kind words. We will be working on this today. Thanks again!

Shanny said...

Awww, thanks Donna. I feel a little unworthy but I appreciate it all the same.

Mariel said...

Hey Donna,

Your bipolar post will be featured in the morning, Sunday.

Thanks so much!