Friday, August 27, 2010

It's All Too Much!!!

I feel totally overwhelmed since the wedding. The girls are absolutely feeling it too. I feel overwhelmed by STUFF! Boxed in by things everywhere! I finally got all the wedding 'stuff' out of my room. Oh, don't look under my bed as you will find a wedding dress, breadmaker, hamper of groceries... the wedding presents. My husband in his wonderful helpful way decided after I finally reclaimed our bedroom to move his desk out and make room for the LAUNDRY!!! THE LAUNDRY!!! He decided that the laundry can no longer be taken off the line and dumped just inside the back door,but instead my/our room!!! Now, whoever is on laundry will say "laundry, what laundry? I didn't see any laundry!" I will be awakened in a cold sweat by the laundry monster. I know it. I can feel the anxiety building already. One basket will become two, then three. Next my son will up load the lot onto my bed because he needs his work uniform. Oh, and forget he might be on laundry that week. He pays one of his sisters to do it. I love my husband but what was he thinking!!!

I went to the library and stumbled across that book by Peter Walsh It's All Too Much, started reading the first chapter and through it down. No I'm pushing the trailer over to the garage tomorrow and loading all the .... stuff up and driving it to the dump myself. I have no emotional attachment to it. Any I did have was gone long ago. It's just going.

In order to fit her husband in to her room downstairs Cait had to move her 'stuff' into the main area which was already over loaded with .... there's that word again. He came with one suitcase, a few pairs of Army Fatigues and a "I won't get in your way, and as soon as we get a house I'm out of here smile." Bless his little green Australian Government issued socks.

I was diagnosed with MS a couple of weeks ago and have been on so many mind altering drugs, that if they haven't pacified the 'overloaded' demon in me nothing but a mini skip will!!! Now I'm not going to pass the blame on to other family members, as I have my fair share of 'stuff' downstairs as well. But I'm done. I have a date with the dump and it's NOW!!! So good bye, farewell you know the rest of the song, I have a clutter dragon to slay. Oh wait, I had best just take a few more of those little blue tablets and maybe one or two of the yellow ones that making walking possible. Good Bye dear friends I am off to slay the dragon!


Shanny said...

Don't take the stuff to the dump - build a bonfire with it and burn the lot, then dance around it in impish glee! Maybe then your loved ones will get the message and take better care of their stuff! LOL

You have a great writing style when you're stressed Donna! ~Big cheesy grin~

Hang in there! You are doing a great job with a mind boggling number of things that would have done me in long ago.

Kim said...

I completely understand - I came home from the beach saying it is time to go through this house again and throw things out!