Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is it Wrong Take Summer Vaction Time For Both Hemisphere's

Well I could really get the hang of this!! If I do it right I could get the Summer break in America and the Summer break in Australia (December-January). In fact that is how I have been running it lately. I just wander around a few US blogs and see all the summer fun they are having on their break and make myself feel better about the fact that very little schooling is getting done at our place.

Well, our daughters wedding is 3 more sleeps away then life can get back to normal. I have had to make a deal with both girls if they keep their wiggly teeth in the mouths until after the wedding I will match whatever the Tooth Fairy brings. I know the whole lost tooth thing is cute but...

Anyway for today I will continue looking at a couple of blogs to remind myself that we are just getting into the 'back to school mode, not halfway through Term 3 mode like we actually are. This is the longest I have had on the computer lately because everyone has time off work for the wedding so it's always occupied. Well I checked out this blog hop peeking in on everyone's home school rooms. I love it. I'm 159 on the list so there are a few there to look at. I will have to get back to that later because I have a teenage son breathing down my neck to get off the computer.

Not Back to School Blog Hop
Check out some of these set ups!!


Kim said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking both summer holidays - there should be more of it.

Anyway our winters are the equivalent of a lot of northern hemisphere summers so it makes sense.

Shanny said...

Is the wedding today? Or tomorrow? I'm guessing there is a lot of buzz in your house right now either way. I'm excited for you all. Have a lovely day and congratulations to all! :-)

Jenni said...

Thank you for sharing your daughter's story. I'm sure your family is quite excited about her future. Many blessings!

Leaning toward unschooling myself! ;o)

~Jenni, TOS Crew Newbie