Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hi Mum, I'm on a Boat and I Can See France!!

That was the call I got last night. Ash & Matt are spending just over a month on a speed tour of Dubai, Scotland, England, France just to list a few. They are having a ball. They're travelling with a group of eight (all friends) then they join the Contiki tour today.

So far Ash's favorite place is Dubai. As you can see shopping Dubai style, not quite the Brisbane Mall. The boys on the group all love the Race Car Simulators. Boys will be boys even on the other side of the world. She loved bargaining with the merchants in Dubai and the worlds tallest building was just amazing. Don't they just look like tourist in the top photo! All those years we encouraged Ash to fast had paid off because they were in Dubai during Ramadan, so food was really hard to find during the day. Mind you the 40 degree heat took the edge off there appetite.

London made Brisbane look really small and you have to pay to pee. Something that we aren't familiar with here in Oz. There was a film museum with a Star Wars theme. Ash is crazy for all things Star Wars, hence the dog named Vader. Though they love Scotland. Visited William Wallace's Memorial & of course Edinburgh Castle Scotland. They hit rain in Scotland.

So now they are in Paris having the greatest time. I can't wait for the next installment.

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