Friday, September 3, 2010

Time 4 Learning Review

The Time4Learning curriculum is an online core curriculum program that can be used as a complete curriculum or as a supplement to what you are using now. Available subjects are Language Arts, Maths, Science and Social Studies from Prep to year 8.

The Time 4 Learning website says:
"Homeschooling parents share some common problems, including organizing their children's curriculum and scheduling their family's time. The Time4Learning self-running curriculum can provide the basis of a homeschool program or can supplement other programs with an enriching, easy-to-use program ensuring that the basics are covered, allowing more time to explore student-directed subjects".

Once signed in the child is presented with a choice of subject and each student is able to access to at least 2 grade levels of curriculum for each subject, so they can move ahead or review at their own pace.Always an aspect that I like.This provides a scope and sequence of learning bring order to the delivery of content, supporting the maximising of student learning while offering sustained opportunities for learning. Without a considered scope and sequence there is the risk of ad hoc content delivery and the missing of significant learning. I love the printable lesson plan that they have available as this helps you and your child really use this program as a structure learning tool rather than just a play time.

While the child can work independently if required, it's always over seen by the parents with a report available for ongoing assessment. This also gives you an idea of how they are progressing and what areas of weakness still need further work.

Take a look at the getting started guide as it gives you a comprehensive overview to Time 4 learning.

So what did we think

Well as I have said before I find working with this type of curriculum very difficult. I'm a book person and without the planning schedule, that I spoke about above, would find it difficult to use to it's full potential. This is by no means a reflection on the product, but more on me. The girls loved it, Lucy, at 4 is very computer savvy, whipped around the program like a duck to water. She was quick to work out the longer she spent on the lessons, the longer she seemed to get in the 'playground'. I have to say that was excellently done. The children couldn't just hop straight in to the 'fun' games in the playground with out having done their lessons first. That to me was one of the high points of this program. Sure you get play but first you have to earn that time by working. Not that the working was boring in fact the graphics, and use of different age appropriate 'animated' teachers, was fantastic.

As for the price, I feel it's competitive with similar products on the market. Also available is Time 4 Writing, Spelling City I would jump over to this sight. Plenty to do over there, just find your local Australian school (or US) for lots of spelling practice.


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Hi! Stopping by from the crew to check out your review - lots of info packed in...good links and useful info. Thanks!

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Thank you for your review. I've been looking forward to reading what the crew thought about this site!

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