Friday, September 10, 2010

Whats On My Wishlist?

I love The Book Depository and on my wishlist at the moment are a few books. However at the top of my list are these two ~ Wholefood For Children

The underlying philosophy behind "Wholefood for Children" is the importance of feeding young, growing children nutrient-dense, whole and real food, preferably organic. Not only does a child require fuel to live, they also require it to build every part of their body and future pathways, and to learn. Nature has designed an exceptionally nutrient-dense, human-compatible food in breast milk, and it's important to that we continue to feed our young truly good food. "Wholefood for Children" is written and presented in two parts, a very insightful and informative introduction and a recipe section, which will cater for ages 6 months to 7 years, starting with introducing solid foods to babies. The recipes range from breakfasts through to lunch and dinners, as well as ultra-convenient portable snacks for lunch boxes. This title: will appeal to parents of all demographics who are concerned about the growing awareness of childhood obesity and eating disorders; is very timely and will appeal to the budget-conscious as it's based on simple foods that can be purchased in bulk or grown at home; and, is well-written and the wholefood philosophy is explained in a clear and easy-to-read style.

One thing that I didn't take into consideration when I started homeschooling was the amount of food that would be consumed. When at school its a sandwich, snack, piece of fruit in a lunch box and all was good. At home, it's a different story. Even though I don't allow grazing all day they still like variety. They well is running dry of options while still keeping it wholesome and fresh. In Australia we have a fantastic range of fresh foods available to us. As we head into summer all the tropical summer fruits are starting to hit the stores. So this is on the top of my wishlist right now.

Next on my wishlist is this one ~ One Magic Square

We live in the Brisbane suburbs, plus by the time you fit in a cubby house, huge trampoline the back yard is starting to get full. However, we have pumpkins and tomatoes growing all over the place. Apart from that we have several garden plots and have been preparing them ready for the spring planting. Both the girls have entered into the Yates gardening competition. Maddie is growing giant sunflowers and Jessica is growing sweet corn which she has to blog her progress on the Yates website. I do not have a green thumb!!! I try and try and seem to fail in the actual garden. (not in the random growing of the backyard though) So this book my be able to help me in making the most out of our limited space.

So this is just 2 things on the very long list. Whats on yours?


Briana said...

Both of those books look good.

I have some Julia Child cookbooks on my wishlist along with lots of books for the children.

alecat said...

I've read the "One Magic Square" book after my Mum bought it. I really like the idea, and did try it in a patch. I'm for the planning to maximise produce in a limited space, but it did take time to set out my initial plan. Having said that, with a dog now part of the family, the garden isn't going so well. We need some fencing to keep the dog and vegie garden separate now.

The other book looks like something I'd really like to read!! I'll have a look for it in the library. :)

My Book Depository list is long, and in subcategories. I have Sonlight books saved in various groups, music and singing books for students, plus books on organic living and inspiration. Food Inc. is one we have most recently started.

Kylie said...

I have stumbled across your blog and love it. What I do with my wish books is search for them in the local library. If they don't have them, you can request a purchase! If the library decides to purchase the book/s you will be notified and you pay the holding fee. I know it's not the same as yours to keep but you do get to read the book, and you know it's at your local library. :D