Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mummy I have A Nose Headache

The bugs are flying around our city at the moment as they do this time of year every year. The Ekka, a huge carnival that is held every year always brings the bugs with it. Lucy has finally succumbed to it and now as a stuffy nose that she is calling a nose headache. She is sniffling her way around the house feeling totally miserable.
Lucy's latest thing is to have me spell everything I say to her or her spelling what she says. It's cute but it smells a little of OCD? I'm stilling clinging to the hope that it's just an insatiable desire to learn.
I must go and read to her while she spells out every word on the page. She can read the whole of Green Eggs and Ham and still corrects her sisters when they are reading to her. The nappy situation has hit critical stages for me. I'm sure that pattern I have for a diaper clutch purse may be required as she may still be in nappies when she starts dating!!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Maybe she is just ridiculously smart?

Louisa has ben home sick all week (Max too) and is just now starting to get a 'nose headache' but is trying school today.