Monday, November 8, 2010

I Love Quotes

Today was a perfect homeschooling day. Maddie got through her workbox's today without one complaint, argument, or self inflicted distraction. She recited a poem that we had been working on for ages without even batting an eyelid and gave me all the definitions of nouns with examples! She then whipped through her reader like she had not a problem in the world. That was a miracle day. I was beginning to loose hope and feeling like I was failing and perhaps we need to look at alternatives for next year. Then today happened. My faith in myself as a homeschooling mum has been restored. I'm not sure tomorrow will be the same but that's perfectly fine. I think even Maddie's faith in herself has been restored as well. It's hard when your baby sister is looking over your shoulder and reads out the words before you have sounded them out. But today she was so proud of herself at the end of the day. I was proud of her.

She is getting Baptised on Sunday and is so excited. It was her birthday back in September but with the wedding, a sister traveling overseas and a brother that just received the Priesthood (so he will not only baptize her but will be able to assist with the confirmation). Her dress is made and the food list is ready and in 6 more sleeps she will finally have her day.

I love my Maddie.

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