Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Welcomed Blessing

Last week parents of our dear friends gave us a dishwasher. We have always had plenty of hands to do the dishes but you know those warm & fuzzy stories of family bonding happening while the children are washing the dishes together. Well that's not us!!! My kids are not big fighters and all have a fantastic relationship, but you add dishes and its like they are taken over by this craziness. Caitlin always took control of the situation and was like a walking chore chart plus whip cracker. No getting out of anything while she was here but having moved into her new marital nest I am the mother again. I know what you are thinking but if you had someone who did a better job at that then you, trust me you would let them go too. She is GOOD!
But enter into our lives a beautiful, hardly even been used, stainless steel and more flash that we could ever afford Blanco dishwasher. What a blessing and I mean a blessing!!

Mind you when we told Caitlin that we were finally getting a dishwasher she said WHAT!! Now that I'm gone!! I told her how wonderful it will be when they come for dinner & lunch & breakfast (she has only been gone less than 2 weeks and we've had them here regularly I love it). That did calm her down and they are all now having lovely visions of Christmas at home using real plates not disposable for once.

Now our kitchen wasn't built for a dishwasher, in fact it wasn't built for much so my husband has had, well, a fun time shall we say. But he is so clever. He has totally done this amazing job putting a dishwasher where one should never go. I have new plumbing, power points (thanks Dan my electrician son)and remodeled this badly built kitchen cupboard system to fit it in. I would take a photo but, oh my goodness, it is a mess with tools and stuff everywhere. I love him. he has literally done the impossible for me. He doesn't like me working harder than I have to and he did this so I would have one less thing to do.

Thank you Lucy's mum & dad. Is there a Patron Saint for this? They're amazing Catholics and we are Mormons but I do love learning about who is the saint for what. Our first experience with Michael and Saint Anthony was a funny story but that is another day. And my wonderful husband for installing the impossible. I'm ready to cook up a storm now!

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Happy for you that you got a dishwasher. They really do help make life a little easier.