Saturday, November 6, 2010

Questions Doctors Ask?

Wednesday I went to see a new doctor. He is just another one on my long list of expensive specialist that I see. Now this was my first visit with him so I went prepared because at $420 and this is a man with a year waiting list , even as a private patient I wanted to waste no time at all. Well did I get value for money?

After the initial chit chat we got down to business so to speak. He review my file and all associated letters from other specialist. Then he began asking his questions.

1. Have you seen a psychiatrist incase it's in your head. I informed him that it is indeed in my head. My brain in fact. Strokes, limited vision, significant lose of brain function, speech & comprehension. Oh yes he said, it's not psychosomatic then is it?

2. Could someone in your family be poisoning you? How's your marriage? What is your relationship like with your husband? Well I almost fell off my chair but for fearing of doing further brain damage and not sure that this man would be able to render the appropriate first aid I held on tight.

If I didn't need a shrink before this consultation I sure did after it! What sort of questions are those. This man did honors in medical school in Australia as well. We do offer a lot of online courses these days though?

In the end he said he would like to do a $500 blood test so come to the hospital on Friday and I will do it there. Following that I will see you in 2 weeks. My husband was in the waiting room with the girls and asked how it went. i deflected the question some what as i thought it may be better to be out of the hospital before I told him how the consultation went. HE SAID WHAT!!!! My husband is a good man and always see's the good in others but even he struggled with this one.

My mother rang later to see how I got on. Now this women has worked as a mental health nurse for 27 years and knows crazy when she see's it. So I told her and you know what she said. oh yes I have a patient in at the moment that has just been moved from the prison to our ward (criminally insane) and she was doing that. Happens a lot you know! WHAT!!!!

I think I will live in my own little world a little longer.

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Tristan said...

Oh my! I think I would have fallen off the chair and then got up, asked for a refund on the appointment fees, and left. Seriously!