Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kids Say The Cutess Thing.

I received a text lastnight from my friend who has two of the most gorgeous boys you could ever imagine. Little angler is 3 and is a real boy. Had to show off his new boy haircut to us yesterday with a look of shear pride.

Well this is how the text went!

We're all sitting around having dinner. Little angler says " a lady danced with me today at a dance-a-long". His dad says "wow that's good. Did you ask her or did she ask you to dance?" Little angler say's "no she asked me". His father says "way to go mate, that's the way!"

Silence for a few seconds.

Then Little Angler says proudly "I was wearing high heals."

Well Mum & Dad if worse comes to worse we can take these with us on the next fishing trip. Might not want to wear them in the inflatable boat perhaps.

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