Monday, October 11, 2010


I have a craft room, homeschooling resource room or just what ever I like room. Can you believe it. Grown-up Lucy you must rush down and see under our house. It's so tidy it echo's!! Caitlin , married to soldier and still had to live with us until they got a Defense Force House HAS MOVED OUT!! Oh wait let me shed a tear, ok that's done. We have room down stairs and I have (had) a spare room for me!!! I've moved in already just in case, Dan 18 year old son, saw it empty and attempted to move his massive drum kit out of his room into what may have seemed like a spare room.

Actually Caitlin has only moved all her earthly belongings over to their two storey, three bedroom, three bathroom, brand spanking new townhouse, five minutes from our home, because James is away on Operation Hamil and won't be back for a few more weeks. Romantic I know. I just keep seeing the scene in Shrek where he carries Fiona across the threshold wiping out half the door way leaving her with a sore head. Ah I'm not very romantic. They want to move in together so she is bunking down in the homeschool room for now on a fold out bed (hard going because they spent thousands on a sleeping on clouds mattress) She dare not complain because James is spending 5 weeks on the ground, eating ration packs missing his new wife while running around playing enemy with a bunch of sweaty men. Hence the fact she isn't complaining about the foldout bed.

I love to see that all the work you put into raising them and preparing them for life pay's off as they launch out of the nest and spreed their wings and fly into the next exciting stage of their life.

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