Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Skydiving Adventure

My son turned 18 a few weeks ago but due to excessive rain and wind here in Brisbane we have had to postpone the skydiving adventure. But this Saturday was an absolutely perfect day. The sun was shining and just a gentle breeze for those of us on the ground. But for my husband, son and oldest daughter it was 220km/hr rushing free fall. They jumped at 14000ft (that seems like a lot of 000's) from a tiny plane that only has enough room for you to squeeze into like sardines.

It is so not for me. My husband asked if I wanted to jump??? I'm not sure he meant it. For me it would be a matter of choose your death. Heart rate increases and you have another stroke. Heart rate increases and just goes into arrest. Should I make it through the free fall and land, the impact causes my spine to just give up and I am sitting on the beach like a jelly fish. So no, jumping out of a plane was not on my bucket list. Making my first quilt, now that's a thrill.

The pre-jump training took a whole 5 seconds. 1. hands on the front straps. They make them do that so they don't grab anything in a panic as they exit the plane. That freaked me a little. 2. lean back 3. kick your leg up backwards. Right lets go jump out of a plane. At this point I realized that my husbands insurance policies are now null in-void for the next hour or so. Now that made my heart rate rise right there.

Ashleigh has just returned from a trip around Europe and I will be watching her leap from a plane. I was more nervous for her here then being in Germany for the Oktoberfest. Oh, well maybe not.

Well the person Dan was strapped to was like one of those crazy people. He gave Dan the ride of his life flipping the parachute around and around. It was crazy!!! Husband landed first which I was very pleased about. Dan was next down and totally loved it. Only 7 months until he puts his Mission papers in. No time for a next time I say. Ashleigh was last and said it's freezing up there. Next time she will wear a jumper. NEXT TIME I said!! What next time!!! oh yes for $2500 you to can hurl yourself out of a plane at least 10 times and half of them solo!! today she email through a link to the 'next time'.

It really was so much fun to watch them but I really hope that they don't do it again. Happy 18th Dan.

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