Monday, October 11, 2010

Zoo Keeper For the Day

The 3 little girls all have birthday's with in weeks of each, so this year after my mad clean-a-thon that has been going on at our place, we decide to take the girls to the Australia Zoo to be Zoo Keepers fro the Day in place of toys and things.

They had the BEST time!! Maddie and Jessica meet with a group of ten kids and two zoo keepers early Friday morning and received red "official' hats, matching drink bottles and kiss us goodbye for the next five hours. Mark, Lucy & I headed inside for an adventure of our own.

Lucy is an adventurer so we just followed her lead. We feed the elephants, kangaroo's, petted koala's, watched Bindi sing and dance, saw crocodiles leap out of the water and just had an all round great time. Lucy loved the sheep & the ottar's which swim around like crazy things.

Jessica & Maddie went in behind the scenes. They scrubbed the shells of the Galapagos turtles, which was perfect because we had just been learning about Harriet the Galapagos Turtle the week before. They feed crocodiles and elephants, cleaned the pens and just got up close and personal with the animals. They both come back saying it was the best day ever. I'm sure that they just meant 'that day' because we spent 5 weeks traveling 4 states in the last Christmas holidays seeing more then one amazing site after another.

I think the pony rides were a highlight for Maddie & Lucy as well. Jess was too tall, much to her frustration.

To finish off the day we all had horrendously expensive ice-creams. The kids (and me) slept all the way home. Oh, we live less then an hour from the Australia Zoo so it's not a traveling odyssey or anything. But we did have a fantastic day. That zoo is one well oiled commercial machine, that runs perfectly and looks immaculate. Well worth the visit.

It was our son's 18th last week. A trip to the zoo wasn't his speed so we bought him a 14000ft skydive. That's happening this week-end. Will add photo's of that one next week!!!

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