Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Talking Fingers Review

This is by far the our favorite review of the year. Talking Fingers is a Read, Write & Type online program. This program is phonics based, that encourages the kids to say, read & type the words/sounds as they learn.

It really is a fantastic program. Maddie struggles with all things 'phonic' but this program seem to just break through that barrier she had, and resonated with her in such a way that she actually got the hang of the sounds as well as the typing skills.

The key element for Maddie was that there was no timer. No count down clock that she had to race against. It just waited for her to say the word or wiggle her fingers around without feeling the pressure of a clock ticking in a corner ready to explode if she couldn't do it in their time frame. Maddie is not competitive at all so programs with that element added lose her every time. Having said that, the certificates that you can print out at the end of each level did appeal to her. She has them proudly displayed in our lounge room. A homeschool kid has got to do what she has to because it's hard to get a certificate from mum. Just doesn't have the same appeal? Anyway she was pretty chuffed at getting one when she made it to the end of each level.

Also it's not a 'busy' screen. If your child has trouble concentrating then this is a program for them. While the animation is very inviting it doesn't have things going on all over the place. The 'virus' that is one of the main characters is a pleasant little green blob and the instructions are given by 2 little 'hands'. We are not a gaming family. We don't own a wii or PlayStation or PSP, so as far as animation is concerned it's perfect for us. I look at my fingers when I type (two finger typist) but this has them looking at the screen where they should and not at their fingers.

click here for a a free demo of the first 8 lessons. I know 8 lessons free to try before you buy. Read here if you want to know more about the company and how they began, or watch the video below and see how it not only can benefit those who like us who are trying to master English as our first language, but how this program can help ESL students as well.

How to purchase this for yourself.

This product is affordable. All subscriptions are valid for 5 years which as you can see from the price list below that is amazing value for the home user.

Read, Write & Type Product Price

Read, Write & Type - Online Edition - 1 user $35.00
Read, Write & Type - Online Edition - 2 users $55.00
Read, Write & Type - Online Edition - 3 users $70.00
Read, Write & Type - Online Edition - 4 users $85.00
Read, Write & Type - Online Edition - 5 users $100.00

Home CD Products

Product Price

Read, Write & Type - CD Home Edition $79.00
Read, Write & Type - CD International Edition(2 program CDs only) $39.00

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Hop on over to the website to order and see the other programs they have available for you. Like us I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the program.

disclaimer~ I received a complimentary subscription to Talking Fingers and this is my honest opinion about this product.

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