Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain!!!

Well after 6 weeks of rain, over 75% of our state of Queensland is under water. We have seen some of the most horrific footage and watched it unfold in towns near us. Our city is going under as we speak and my husband has headed to the city to take a gas bbq & crank radio & tv to a unit full of older single women who have no power and will not be getting any, any time soon. It did just start to rain again which is not good news. It has just been so tragic as we watch wives looking for their husbands (plural) in the mud and debris that was once their homes.
While we are not affect in our suburb it is really difficult so sit at home and wait. Daniel (son) has been helping members of our ward move today and went through the city and took these photos.

These photo's are of our State Library, Museum & Performing Arts theater. As you can see Wicked is on and has been canceled for now. (lead actress is a Latter-day saint as well)

The Brisbane Temple is high on the hill at Kangaroo Point and over looks the Brisbane River but if you drive a 100 meters down this main expressway, you look up and see Angel Moroni on your left.

This is where our oldest daughter Ashleigh works. Aptly named the Riverside Center. They were evacuated from their offices yesterday and won't be heading back for a little while.

I'm so glad that we are also totally into our homestorage and have more than enough supplies to get us through. We didn't have to go to the store in a panic thankfully. We went to get chips & a few odds and ends yesterday and people were really panicked. The shelves where empty of almost everything in the form of convenience foods. Chicken & Chips!! When we lived in cyclone prone territory in far north Queensland , people always rushed to the shops and bought hot chickens & potato crisps. Always made me laugh. They have no idea how to bake a loaf of bread from scratch. I'm sure glad I do in times like this.

Breaking news for my son. EFY, scheduled for next week has just been canceled. The University was going under today, but he just got word that it has been canceled. He is so disappointed. He did get to attend YSA Conference in Sydney last week. Great to be 18!

Well I am off to bed. We have been told to prepare for the worst when we wake up in the morning as the river will peak at 4am. It's hard to believe that there could be worse than what we have already had this week.


Kim said...

Who was Dan helping to move?

Diane said...

So sorry that your family and everyone else in Queensland is have to go through this. Praying for an end to the rain and that everyone will keep safe.