Friday, January 14, 2011

Reusable Sandwich Wraps

Well for us here in Australia it's that time of year 'Back to School Shopping'. Yes we are fast approaching the start of a new school year and while we may not all technically be going 'back to school', we are starting a new round of extra curricular activities and excursions.

Now my latest project is making these 'reusable sandwich wraps'. I used this tutorial which also included a template. I didn't use laminated fabric because I'm sure about the plastic and whether it is food grade. I sniped open Glad ziploc bags as the plastic is foodgrade and stronger in quality.

What Do You Need

* fabric of your choice

* ziploc bags

* Velcro

* your preferred method of sewing. I used my overlocker for this project & my machine to attach the velcro.

Once they have been used you just wipe them out & if they get too messy I will just drop them in a bucket of napisan to soak & then drip dry. Easy & our use of plastic bags is now reduced.

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