Monday, January 17, 2011

QLD Flood Appeal Auction

You can see a master list here on make it perfect of all the handmade dolls, toys,quilts and so much more. 100% of the funds raised will be going to the Flood relief Effort.

We had to venture the city yesterday as my 90 year old Grandma was isolated at the hospital on the Brisbane River. We had been unable to see her in a week as that suburb was very hard hit. Apart from the stench, the lost and devastation is really rather terrible. Our Stake President said it was far worse in real life than it is on the TV. After seeing it for myself I would have to agree with that.

So this is a fantastic effort in those who have contributed and those who are bidding on the items. So much on offer I hope to have a look at all that is on offer.

We have decided to take the girls away for a few days. Get away from the constant flow of tragic news. The fear of the floods and panic that followed was bad enough. Now they are putting faces to the tragedy and that is more than our girls can bear. The lost babies on the news and front pages of the newspaper. Everyone is talking about it and understandably so. We are taking them to one of the few places that haven't been affected. When we looked on the map it was hard to find somewhere that wasn't. So Hastings Point in New South Wales is the destination. then back to reality Thursday & Friday when we'll be joining the Church's volunteer group to continue in the clean-up operation of the city.

So have some fun & checkout the list of fantastic items up for auction.

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