Monday, January 3, 2011

Read the Bible In 90 Days

Today I began my 90 day 'challenge', to read the bible in 90 days. I will call it a challenge because I have to be honest I'm not very disciplined with this aspect of my life. However this morning I was up early and read my first assigned target for the day. 1 down only 89 more days to go!

The part that really grabbed me about this challenge was S.O.A.P. I have been involved with many scripture reading goals over the years and always participated well, and felt the blessing in my life. But this aspect of the challenge, while not necessarily new, has a fresh approached with the simplicity of the idea but the value of the personal lesson's you can learn from them when guided by the spirit certainly add value to the challenge. Click on the S.O.A.P link above to read what Amy from mom's toolbox blog has to say about it. This is also the jump off point for this challenge so if you think you might like to join it pop over to that fabulous blog to check it out.

As for me day 2 is almost here and I'm excited about being a part of this. Hope you can join us as well.

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