Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts

I don't know about you but I am a sucker for all things baby. Our ward has just had 2 of the cutest baby boys born within a few weeks of each other. I made these cute burp cloths for them & thought I would share it with you because they are so cute & inexpensive to make.
I just buy cute quilting squares of fabric for $2 as you can see in the photo. Any cute fabric scrap you laying around will do.
You also need either chenile or a new soft towel for the otherside. I use chenile because it is SO soft.

Cut 1 rectangle 25cm wide x 40cm long in pattern fabric
Cut 1 rectangle 25cm wide x 40cm long of chenile

Place the front of the chenille and front of the patterned material together and pin {so it looks inside out}.

*Sew all the way around all four sides, leaving appx 6cm un-sewn.

*Use the 6cm hole to flip your fabric right sides out.

*Tuck the rough edges of the hole under, iron, and top stitch around the edge of the rectangle making sure to catch the hole.

Put them together tie with a ribbon and you got an incredibly adorable gift.


Kim said...

Good - that's my baby shower problems solved.

Kim said...

I have a question - if I have to go 20 x 40 cm or 25 x 35 cm - which would you recommend? (I am trying to get the most from my fabric)

Donna said...

Me, I prefer longer and a little narrower. Vomit can go a long way down the back. Speaking from experience. Would these be for a certain new boy? Just so I don't make them for Til.

Kim said...

No - I figure I can't really give mutual friends your really good ideas - I have two cousins having babies shortly and a baby shower for one of them on the weekend.