Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Got It Right!!!

She's back!!! In a previous post I mention how after 6 kids you would think I would have this Tooth Fairy thing down pat. But it seems the opposite to be happening. Last night as Daddy was doing the nightly tuck in, Maddie pops her front tooth right out. I swear it wasn't even loose yesterday & smack bang on bedtime she pops it out!! I, of course, let out the customary squeal of excitement & began the hunt for a $2 coin knowing that this child is sharp and the whole "you must of missed it" its going to fly to often. Particularly at the rate she is loosing teeth. I think she was $2 short of a new Beanie Kid? Sure enough she awoke to a shiny coin in place of the tooth. I slept soundly & today she is the proud owner of a new Fox Beanie Kid!! All is right with the world today.

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