Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Italian Week Art History Talk
The battle of the giants: Tintoretto vs Titian

Presented by Simona Albanese, University of Queensland. Jacopo Tintoretto's artistic identity evolved as a kind of conscious and continual revolution against the model for painting provided by Titian. During the middle decades of the sixteenth-century, Titian was the most influential and admired painter in Venice, and the work of many younger painters was indebted to him. Tintoretto however, worked self- consciously in defiance of the older master. Following Titian's death in 1576, Tintoretto's art developed in a more mature and individualistic manner which had few precursors or followers. This lecture will analyse the Cristo risorgente (The risen Christ) c1555 from the collection of the Queensland Art Gallery, which shows Tintoretto's mature style, and compare it to other relevant Biblical subjects, making reference also to works by Titian.

Where: Australian Cinémathèque,
Gallery of Modern Art, Cinema A (Brisbane)
Getting to the Cinémathèque
When: 12.00pm Wed 2nd June 2010
More Information - Free Event - No Booking Required

**This will be fantastic as an extension to our Artistic Pursuit curriculum!

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Lucy said...

Fantastic talk by Simona- just the Italian accent was a cultural experience for the children. And how amazing that it tied right in with the time we are studying of the High Renaissance. The children loved their day and I am so glad we made the effort to go.