Saturday, May 29, 2010

SSSHHHH Don't tell the kids

This week we made a mini Eco System. I am a hoarder at times but this week it paid off because that old aquarium living in the blanket cupboard (I know what you are thinking) came in handy. It was just what we needed for our Eco system.
Firstly we lined the base with gravel, then added a layer of soil. Buried in a medicine measure filled with water as a little lake, added a few plants, a stick with moss on it and there we have our Eco system!
Still one thing was missing... the live creatures, garden worms to be precise. Now this is where my true genius came in. I sent them looking around the front gardens for a few worms but nothing (I knew that) so the only place left that I could guarantee a strike was the veggie garden. Now this veggie garden was, well how can I say it... a little over grown with weeds. We stood around the edge of the garden pondering, no one willing to take a step forward. Me, all the time knowing that my master plan was about to be played out. " Well kids you know what, the best way to find really big worms is to start pulling out all the weeds". Maddie says "Really mum". "Yes Maddie pull up the weeds and as you do watch the soil for those really big earth worms."
Well in they jumped like pigs in the mud. Weeds flying every where and me saying watch the corn & zucchini won't you. After the first quarter of the garden was weeded EUREKA!! Just as I said a really big earth worm. Well that spurred everyone on. Weeds flying out the side and another hit. 2 wasn't enough for our Eco system we needed more. We needed a whole garden weeded more of earth worms. Another strike, weeds flying faster again. Me telling them "you must pull the weeds out by the roots to find those big worms". 3 kids on hands and knees pulling fast & furiously.
By the end of weeding the entire garden we had a mob of earth worms. Now came the crescendo... we really only need a few in the Eco system. You pick 1 each and put the rest back in the garden to keep on working with the veggies. Great idea mum they said.
I also got my seeds planted for scripture study Alma 32:27-43.
Who said homeschooling was hard work. Science and gospel study is sooo good!


Anonymous said...

Brillant! Loved it!

Kim said...

Could you make another eco system next week and try our garden?

Wouldn't work here though because we have no worms in the garden which shows how long we have neglected it!

Jessica will take to reading your blog soon and then the game will be up.

Melody said...
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Melody said...

I have just seen that you have comment moderation. If you decide to email me, could you please remove my email address before you publish my comment. I prefer not to have it public if possible. Thanks. :)