Sunday, May 23, 2010


We finally got down to writing to all our LDS penpals this morning, and have had so much fun doing it. It seemed to be something that I keep putting off for some reason. Well, all you mums know why, its another thing on the already long to-do list but I knew that the girls would reap great benefits from being in the program.
We decided to make Sunday morning (we have afternoon church) the time that we set aside to write letters to our family and friends (penpals). I've had to really change around some of the priorities in our schedule lately but have found it's paying off!!
I've really taken to heart the many talks on motherhood, teaching our children and patterning our home in the Lords way. Not that we didn't before but instead of it feeling like I was going along because that is the way things 'should be' I am making a completely conscience effort to think about every aspect of the day and see how it fits with the Lords way. There were just too many blessings and promises on offer to us if we follow the counsel given in General Conference. I NEED theses tender mercies of the Lord extended to me and a re-evaluation of things was just what I needed. So on to Operation Procrastination Buster!
After careful prayer and study I have been singling out 1 talk at a time and listing thoughts and impressions that I have received from the Spirit while studying that talk and that is what I would be focusing on for that time. No set period because I am a slow learner on some points. But the Lord and his infinite patience is with me. So it may seem like writing letters to our penpals is a small thing but it means more then that to me.

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Momtothreebabies said...

They are sooo cute writing their penpals!!! I know the penpal program has totally benefited my life and my kids :) Everyone should check it out!! *Smile*
Love, JL