Saturday, July 10, 2010

Books We Loved - or Didn't

I have a friend who has the most wonderful taste and knowledge of good books. Well it's really rather a family affair of course started by their mothers love of books. I have never read a book that Kim has recommended and come away disappointed. They have the most extensive library in their home and it's not restricted to any particular genre. It is a sight to behold, you could just get lost in there for days and come away feeling like you have not lost a minute.

They review a good cross section of books which are read and reviewed by different family members, ranging from the young ones thoughts and ideas to the young adults or Kim herself.

I highly recommend you drop by their blog and see the latest review. They will introduce you to books that are not just 'off the rack' type books, but ones that will leave a deep impression on you and just as importantly your children.

Books we loved - or didn't

Check it out!!!


Tristan said...

Thanks! Off to browse!

Kim said...

But did you like I Can't Wait? Now I'll have to make sure I put books on more regularly!

Donna said...

I loved I Can't wait!It reminded us of The Magic Thread a story we read in The Book of Virtues.