Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Long before You Move Into The Classification of Unschooling!!

The last week we have sidelined a bit of the schedule for play. Monday I call them in for the day to begin. No answer? I go looking for them and find Maddie & Lucy engaged in the most wonderful imaginary play in the cubbyhouse. So good that it would be a crime to stop them.

Tuesday, after watching Man v's Wild on video, they had gathered some branch's and palm leaves together to make a ladder. My girls will turn anything like that into action. I'm just so grateful that we don't live in Cairns (far north Queensland) now, or they would be down the river jumping croc's!

The rest of week seem to just follow along like that. By Thursday they were forbidden to reach into their imagination before lunch!! Nor were they allowed to leave the house in fear of their imaginations once again seizing hold of them and my offer of maths and literacy would definitely pale in comparison. It still did, so I had to start with history and science in order to harness their mental faculties for my use.Today they are making movies. Have I ever mentioned that my girls aren't shy and walk to the beat of their own drums.

So how many of these days can we have before we slip into the unschooled category?

We have had to cut the TV again after Lucy watch Joesph King of Dreams one too many times. She was ordering her sister around who wouldn't do what she wanted, so she blew a raspberry and yelled "half brother!" (in an American Accent) If she remembered a little better she would have realised that that landed Joseph down a pit and sold into slavery! Any camel trains going my way?


Kim said...

When Thomas was about the same age he forbade me to touch him because he was 'filled with the power of God' after watching the video of Nephi builds a Boat a few too many times. It didn't work.

Max has had the same sort of week as you - but he is technically enrolled in a school!

Donna said...

Tonight she is going to die in 4 days. On pancake day to be precise. It will be death by rattle snake. She will of coarse chase it with a shovel first. You should have been here for FHE. I filmed it, it was such a story. Cross between Jesus meeting the Minator. Theseus was at hand to save the day. She is getting weirder. I can't even blame school!

Shanny said...

The story of Lucy calling out 'Half Brother' has still got me laughing out loud! These are the joys of parenthood aren't they! :-)