Friday, July 16, 2010

Wedding Over Drive!!

Well it's 4 weeks today until the Wedding. For anyone who doesn't know my daughter Caitlin is having a 'shot gun wedding'. Well, the one holding the gun is not her father, but someone over in Afghanistan. She is marrying an Australian Soldier and his chance of deployment went up unexpectedly after the death of 2 soldiers from his regiment. So their Christmas wedding is now 4 weeks away.

As the rsvp's start arriving and plane flights are booked we realize how blessed we are to have family and friends who love us. At first I was a little overwhelmed by it all. Family that we haven't seen for years are coming from all over Australia or oversea's. It's not even like they are just coming along for a free meal and drink. They have to go through a lot to get here. Take time off work, book accommodation (our house filled quickly with bookings) book flights and come here at such short notice. I absolutely feel like I have taken my family and friends for granted.

Well this is a great chance to make a change to this and have better contact with my family. I miss them & think about them often but don't do enough to connect with them all. I let the day to day stuff get in the way sometimes. Not that a husband,6 children, homeschooling, church responsibilities, health and fit myself in there is just me letting time flutter by, but I need to make the connections here so this whole 'families are forever' thing will mean more then just a catch phrase to my children. Something that you will get to in the eternities. So they can feel like this is important and has a higher purpose.

Well the wedding is fast approaching and it's hard to believe that my baby girls is getting married. I keep trying to image that moment when her dad walks her down the isle and it overwhelms me now. I'm usually a pretty together person, but this makes me tear up at just at the thought. I'm not sure how I feel on the day . well I guess I will know in 4 weeks.

~The picture up top is like the cake topper. I love it!!

Can't wait to post some wedding photo's though!!


Jeszie said...

WOW, life is crazzier than ever right now for you. I hope you get to relax and enjoy a bit of time with your family.

Beautiful cake topper!

Shanny said...

Wow! How exciting! Is this your first to get married? Is it certain your son-in-law will be deployed? I sure hope not.

Enjoy the fun while it lasts! Sometimes life gets a little monotonous, so I always try to embrace the craziness when it arrives.

It will be wonderful to see all your family again too! :-)

Can't wait to see the pics!

Kim said...

Yes - but for all the craziness she does look a very happy girl and it will all be gorgeous. And over so soon.