Monday, July 12, 2010

Holidays Are Over

Well we are off and running this term. We've had two things to review for TOS and they are coming along nicely.

Subjects We'll Cover This Term

Maths U See - Jessica is plowing through Beta & Maddie through Alpha. It's still just revision for Jess but I wanted her to cover all the basics again to ensure we haven't missed anything

LEM Maddie and Lucy are doing well using this program. We went back to the start with this one and it is paying off with Maddie getting a better grasp on her phonics. The LEM program is rules based and my kids seem to need the rules.

First Language Lessons For the Well trained Mind Level 1&2. This is a fantastic companion to our Phonics program. This covers the Grammar side of things and we love it. The Well Trained Mind has a lot of resources and info on the website. Worth a look.

Handwriting We are using the LEM print & Cursive method at the moment.

The Story of The World. We love this curriculum the best of all. I'm not sure if it's because history is one of the kids favorite subjects or this is such a well put together curriculum.

Zoology Science
We had put this on the side burner for a while and just played with science. I think we will pick it up again this term but still have our science play on the side.

Geography We will take this more in a unit study approach I think. The TOS review has been great to give us an over view, but more on that later. I'm also looking at how to incorporate Operation World- Pray Today . I really love the idea behind this and am looking at ways to use it daily as a gospel centered study of geography.

Artistic Pursuits
This term we are going to go back to book 1. we started on book 2 because that was all we had at the time. The children's art work has come on so much this year that giving them the basic skills will be a real benefit.

Character Studies This month it's Responsibility. We have really enjoyed this program. If you haven't looked it over I would recommend that you do. You can pick up The Book of Virtues from Amazon at a reasonable price and the lapbook printable's are free. We do this together with art on a Wednesday afternoon together with 2 other homeschooling families.

We will be of course still using the workboxes. I love this method because it's so hard to keep track of the day otherwise. You can see them in the corner of the room.
Well that's what's ahead for us this term. I will be looking forward to the surprise reviews we get to do with TOS as they will give us variety and experiences with things I would probably not have come across myself.
Have a great term everyone!

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