Friday, July 23, 2010

Embracing Your Second Calling

Dale Hanson Bourke author of Embrace Your Second Calling ~Finding Passion & Purpose For The Rest of Your Life

While the reading of this book is a little premature for me, I still very much enjoyed it. The book is aimed at women transitioning from the roles of full time mother and or career centered lives to a different season of their lives. Perhaps your children are all grown and have lives of their own now. Some women feel like they have lost their vitality,sexuality and place in the world as they fall victim to the worlds view of 'whats important'. This book opens your eyes to a different point of view. How if you harness your life experience and place your life in God's hands to use as He would have you live, you would be a might force for serving Him for the greater good of those around you and those you reach out to.

This is by no means a passive book. Each page gives you a highlighted section where the author Dale Hanson Bourke puts ideas to 'reflect' on and things to 'act' on. She encourages you to use this book as a study tool and take time to journal and study the Scriptures while reading and searching. The Author used Ruth & Naomi of the Old testament as a parallel example with her own life and need to find her place in this new season.

It maybe a difficult time for many women, but this book was easy to read and even though I'm not quite at that stage in life with one still in nappies and one getting married, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and found plenty of things for me to reflect on and act on as a women.

Disclaimer~ I received this book free from Book Sneeze to review. This review is my opinion only.

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